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All feasibility studies are specific to each site or specific building taking into account our client’s brief and options to be explored. Some examples would include the assessment of a whole site for multiple buildings or uses, a single new dwelling or exploring different renovation/extensions to an existing dwelling. At this point what is available through permitted development (no need for planning approval) will also be assessed. Once a scheme or schemes have been developed clients are always offered the opportunity to engage a quantity surveyor and work out which scheme to move forward with as well as improving a degree of cost certainty.

Planning Applications

Preparation and submission of planning applications to the local authority. I also work closely with a number local and national planning consultants that can aid any project to facilitate concise communication with the planning authorities and navigate planning legislation. Planning consultants can also help with complex developments and planning appeals.

Building Regulations

Preparation and submission of building regulations applications. Information provided will include detailed design of building elements adequate to facilitate compliance with the current legislation. Most, but not all proposals will require a building regulations application to be submitted. At this stage a number of other consultants will be required for the full package of information submitted to the local authorities, this could include structural engineers, energy specialists and drainage engineers.


Preparation of tender documents, selection of qualified builders/contractors, running of the tender process and final selection of builder/contractor.


If the tenders come back higher than anticipated, ways to reduce costs will be assessed and alternatives explored. At this stage the quantity surveyor from the feasibility stage may be engaged to advise as well as the preferred builder/contractor.

Contract Administration

After selection of the builder/contractor building contracts will be drawn up and agreed by both parties prior to commencement. During construction progress of construction and quality will be assessed at prescribed times to ensure the works are compliant with the agreed design. Certificates for payment will be released regularly and any variations logged and agreed before being implemented all the way to the end of construction.